Sunday, November 30, 2008

Erwan & Samsiah Wedding Day

30th Nov - It's a very meaning full day for both of my fren Erwan & Samsiah. After being engaged for about a year.. at last they legally sah as husband & wife..

Both of them are my fellow fren at Flex Senai.. Erwan from the IT dept & Sam from SMT dept.

Sam (samsiah) also a close fren of my 3rd sister.. I knew her since she was only 8 years old..

So glad she found her love at last.. And hopefully both of them will be happy together.. forever..
Selamat Pengantin Baru Erwan & Samsiah
Semoga kekal ke anak cucu.. Sentiasa dalam limpah Rahmat & Berkat dari Nya.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Queen Of Hearts new baju

Huhuhu.. after sometimes struggling & blog studying (with the HTML programming and all) at last my blog latest skin is ready! It's finally in pink & black.. my favourite colour...

Got Ipod some more..
Even my clock also got her brand new look

Babies arrival of the month

This month my family blessed with 2 new babies in the family.. But both of this cutties not mine (not yet...) One of them are my sister in-law's (my hubby sister) Kak Maya & Abg Syed and the other one from my cousin Hafiz & his wife Zatul.

For my sister in-law this is her 3rd son.. but for my cousin it's their 1st son.. (huuhu.. boys conqure!)

This is Afza Zakrul Bin Hafiz.. My cousin's..

I'm to scared to hold him.. so tiny.. so delicate.. and he cry alot. The tiny voice of him.. adeiii.. Of course lah.. this is a whole new world for him ma.. Mak ngah & my mak are very excited and happy.. They love to carry the baby.. and showing to me once in awhile.. (coz i'm to scared to hold him)

This is baby Zakrul with mommy Zatul

This definitely an inspiration for me and my hubby to have our own baby..

Chyok! Chyok!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Unexpected Town Hall

Friday morning, before we could enjoy our weekend. We been called for a Town Hall session. This is my very 1st Town Hall at PTP. Basically every quarter my company will hold Town Hall session to brief all the IDL staff, on company performance. But this is not an usual quarterly Town Hall... (it's definitely not..)

At this Town Hall at last company officially announced that they going to cut down so many things in order to sustain in current global economy storm. One of the thing they wanted to cut down is man power.. (huaaaa!)

Who would know what might happen .. Who would know our destiny.. The future not ours to see.. We can planned.. but only god knows..

Once, I thought working in big company would place a comfort zone even when been hit by economy crisis. But, I'm totally wrong.. somehow now.. each and every staff here start feeling the heat.. same goes to my tiny SQE team ..

We might stay.. We might go.. We might loose a team mate.. If one of them have to leave.. Can we survive without them..? If we leave.. What might happen to our future..? Only god have the answers.. the only thing we have to do now is Pray & Redha..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

School Holiday = Wedding Day

Year end school holiday is here again.. This time every year there's so many bride & groom decided to have their wedding.. Despite religion or race.. Malay especially..

My parents already got a lots of invitation to their friends and family member wedding ceremony.. Last weekend we when for our 1st wedding reception. This is an invitation from my mum close relative.

My Abah & Mak in yellow (amboii..)

Me & my hubby

My grandpa & grandma also here..

Nasi Baryani, Rojak & dessert After the wedding reception about 2 pm we are heading to my aunt house (my dad side) for an engagement proposal or ‘bertunang’ ceremony of my cousin.

My Abah as the middle man for the groom with Pak Haji the middle man of the bride.

My cousin engagement ceremony has smoothly complete..

Selamat bertunang Sham & Selamat Pengantin Baru Yusni

Friday, November 14, 2008

Flex Senai Sweet Memory Nite

14th Nov 08 ~ Flex Senai Sweet Memory Nite Party. It's an official closing ceremony & memorial nite for Flex Senai. Tonite event attended by Flex Senai top management from the earlies of its operation until current and also selected Flex Senai staff (it’s a small party lor..) Dress code - Black & White

Party start at 7pm.. There's karaoke seassion.. Picture slides of moments in Flex Senai by all dept.. Sharing most memorable time in Flex Senai speech session by the VIP's and of course Makan session..

This is what I'm having..

My SQE team are joining this party as well.. Since we got so many photographer to take our picture.. We are happy to pose to perfect!

Zakiah, Teh, Me, Mell (the peace girl), JP & kak Saadiah

SS Lim, Teh, Me, Mell & my big boss Mr. Chua

For those who don't know what is this place got to do with me.. Well, this is the place that I've been working for almost 4 year.. This place is the reason I came back to my home town after spending 3 year working in KL.. and this is the place I meet my hubby...

Flex Senai meant so much to me.. All the memories its bring to me.. All my good friends that i meet along the way.. It's sad to see something you experience the good time & the bad times with.. see everyday.. finally have to go.. (huaaaa...)

Bye.. bye Flex Senai.. I'll sure misssed you..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

For my fren Mr.Teh

Teh hope this will cool you down a bit..

I know you are facing tough time at work.. We all did..

But guess what? Our boss did notice it!

Hope there is a worth reward for you (and us) ah?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have I ever..

Have I ever...Gone snowboarding?

Gotten in a car accident?
Yes, on the first month i got my black myvi.

Written a secret admirer letter to your crush?
Yes, and until now he never knew who secretly admire him

Stayed out until the sun came up?
Yes, once.

Driven a four-wheeler?
Yes. My dad old jeep.

Snuck out of the house?

Danced in the rain?
Yes, When i was at boarding school. It was cool! (& got me sick the next day)

Sang to yourself in front of the mirror?
Has anybody not done that?

Thought you were about to die?
Yes, I believe I have.

Tried to get into someone else's car thinking it was yours?
Yes, and it was last week (huaaaaa.. malu!)

Fallen out of a bunk bed?

Called a wrong number and it was someone you knew?
Yes. I thought I was calling my close fren, but it was my brother in law number that i called (very the ganas one..) then i just off the phone! hahaha..

Walked in on someone taking a shower?
Yes. And i cannot tell who was it.

Bought an item of clothing for over RM200?
I don't think so, but for cosmetic stuff.. yes! :D

Sang karaoke?
Yes, Love to karaoke!

Gone on a walk in the middle of the night by yourself?
If walking home from a night on the town counts then yes.

Baked bread from scratch?
No... But I have watched somebody else do it.

Gone water-skiing?
No, but it would be fun to try.

Cheated on a test?

Cried over a dead pet?
Yes. A pet becomes a member of the family..

Eaten so much you threw up?
No, don't think I have.

Skipped school and gone to the mall?
No, I never skipped school.

Worn socks with flip-flops?
Err.. (yes)

Gotten sun-burn so bad you peeled?
Yes. Long time ago..

Been to a nude beach?
Got meh this kind of beach in M'sia?

Listened to a song over and over again because it was just THAT good?
Oh yes! I can really bury myself in a song.

Read the dictionary for the hell of it?
What... the whole dictionary? No lah.. I only open my dictionary occationally.

Hit your best friend out of anger?

Had your picture taken with a stranger?
I am sure I am on many pictures with many strangers (vacation photos), but I can't remember any specific stranger I wanted to be on the same picture with.

Ripped your pants while bending over?

Fallen backward in a chair?
I think I have.

Tried to fly?
Not that I can recall.

Climbed a tree?
Of course! When i was little lah..

What is your Outrageous Name?

Try it out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gurly Stuff - Make-up & things

I love make-up. This is one thing i can not go out without (other than my cloth lah.. ). It is some how a miracle or magic tool. It does make a girl prettier.. Can hide the unwanted element on your face, if you got the right skill... Event if you are not that pretty (like me) its can enhance your features and make it noticeable.. again.. if you got the rite skill lah..

Few years back, I was a lousy in make-up. I don’t event know how to put my face powder the right way.. And I don’t know what lip color suites me.. But now, alhamdullilah.. After so many magazine read.. and plenty observation on pretty people.. i think i got the skill quite excellence..

Since there is a few of my gurl friend asking what product I’m using.. how i take care my skin & etc.. So today.. I want to share my make-up, skin care & my toiletries that i use..

Start with my toiletries
My skin care product.. For Face..
For Eyes.. For Lips..
But from all of these collection.. For make-up, I only put on these product on daily basis.. and it only took me 15 minutes to complete it (yeah!)

Then I will have this result lah (compare the result with my sister & my sister in law).. Quite flawless rite? (hehehe..)

I also have little experience as a wedding make-up artist (mak andam).. Here is some of them.. but most of my mak andam experience only from my family member..These two ladies are my auntie's ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

James Bond & SQE Nite Out!

It's finally Friday (7/11/08). Time to relax & site back.. rite? Tonite is SQE team nite out. It's been few month we didn’t have activity like this.. I think, this is the first after we moved to PTP (Port Tg. Pelepas). Tonite the main agenda is.. Watch movie - Quantum Of Solace, James Bond.

The whole week I've been planning for tonight. Of course.. I’m the organizer.. After some discussion with the team, the attendees are confirmed. It's Teh, Karen (Teh's GF), Lim, Rajah, Kak Zack, Mel, Mel's fiancé, Me, My hubby & Chin. Me, my hubby & 2 of his fren reached Tebrau City about 8 pm. Teh, Karen, Mel & Zack already reached there earlier (they when direct from PTP). So they 'lepak' at Baskin Robin while waiting for others.

After collected our ticket, we when looking for makan place.. Actually we didn’t decide yet where to have our dinner. Ermm.. there’s so many dining place here.. Kenny Roges, KFC, Jonnies, Chicken Rice Shop, Secret Recipe and.. Ah ha! Black Canyon! Never try this restaurant before..
The menu book.. Quite big lor..
Our drinks..
Which one is mine? Its called Mocha Glacia (If I’m not mistaken) Nice mocha with coffee ice cream in top. 100% recommended!
My food. Doesn’t look like a dinner meal rite? This is b’coz me & hubby already have our dinner earlier.. So only a plate of Chicken Sandwich will do.. We share it some more (so sweet…ahhh..)
Time for movie. This is the time we are waiting for 9.30pm, Tebrau City TGV cinema 1. Pop corn & soft drink (drink again?) is on Rajah.. Thank you rajah.. Malay people say.. “Terima kasih daun keladi.. lain kali boleh belanja lagi..”
My comment on the movie? Great! Daniel Craig did it very charming & smooth, even though in critical situation. There’s scene from the road to the water and air! James Bond got all covered up.. But the Bond girl not as what I expected her to be.. Bond normally will have gorgeous+tough+clever+plenty of XXX scene with her. But this time only gorgeous+tough+clever+not having any XXX with her.. (hahaha very bad..) Overall, its quiet ok lah..

After movie the team decided to have drink, drink at near by mamak (I think so). Unfortunately, I cannot join them.. coz my hubby got to work tomorrow.

So happy me & team can actually share our casual time together outside our work place. Next, they planning to have BBQ somewhere at Desaru. Who will be their organizer? Me lah.. they nominated the only candidate.. hahaha.. bully me ah you guys? As usual, I’ll try my best ;)