Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cucu Cicit Tok Mamat.. the latest edition

Who is Tok Mamat? My grandpa lah..

Today at Mak ngah (my aunt) house.. we had a small family gathering.. Lunch together.. We do this all the time.. But this time.. It's lil bit cutter.. Coz it's also a gathering for our family latest member.. the babies!!!

Baby Qistina, daughter of 2nd youngest aunt Cik Ama & hubby Anis.

Baby Tareqq, son of 3rd youngest aunt Cik Bibi & hubby Fadzil

Baby Zarul, son of cousin Apis & wife Zatul

Cutties babies line up.. Baby Qis, Baby Zarul & Baby Tareqq

Coming up next.. Ct & Harrry babies.. Insyallah..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

VIP Invitation - Celebriti Gempak Astro

Yes, believe it or not.. I got an invitation to Lunch with the Gempak Selebriti artists.. huhuhu!!

So.. the lunch was at the Paragon Hotel, JB..
Actually these celebrity came down to JB for tour.. And they start the show at Angsana at 3pm today.. I'm exited to go and see them at first.. but I couldn't imagine the crowd + traffic jam.. Fuhh!! My husband totally reject my request to go there.. So, 2 week earlier I visit Astro website & register for a VIP invitation for this event.. Who knows.. I actually did got the invitation!!! YES!!!
Even though I reach the Hotel Ball Room quiet late.. got lost and everything.. but I did reach there just in time... hehehe.. Great! All the celebrity are here.. And I don't even need to rush in to the crowd people...!!
And so my luxury day.. filled with 5 star hotel lunch treat.. and celebrity around me.. heaven!

Ning Baizura & her hubby.. With me & my hubby *wink*

There some stage game.. "Ning wannabe" by the fans & celebrity

Ning giving her comment & choose the winner

With famous Astro host & also my hubby school mate.. Faris.. Very friendly guy.. I talk to him using my Sabah accent.. and he totally believe I'm Sabahan..bah...
With Reza another Astro talkative & friendly host..
With Tok Wan ~ Astro Macam-macam ada icon

with Nora from AF4

Hubby with Zainal Alam Kadir.. Org Sg.Mati Muorr.. and Mek Kelate ..

With Noni AF5.. The cute sabahan gurl

At the end of the day.. I got a autograph from Ning for memories..

Thanks Astro.. This is the most glamorous lunch I ever had!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dine out with mak - Pre mothers day celebration

Mothers day is 1 week away.. but my mum always will got bz with her canteen and all.. so.. Me & hubby decide to belanja mak early 1 week..

Since my mum wanted to find something for my brother wedding day.. We all when to Angsana.. and decide to dine in at the Pizza Hut.. which by the way are so packed with people!! Lucky my sister-Uda got a fren working there.. so we manage to get a table quite fast.. hehehe..

Me & hubby..

My mum and my sister-Uda who work in KL but came back to JB every weekend.. gilos.. Unfortunely my youngest sister cannot join us.. she when to Penang playing softball for her Polytechnich JB..
Azrie my hubby nephew and Uda..
We when home rite after makan.. but ONLY to drop my mum.. hehehe.. we got some other plans.. karaoke!!!

My sister-Uda punya plan lah ni.. Got my hubby excite to go to karaoke.. adoii.. I'm actually sleepy already.. it's almost 11pm tau! What to do.. my hubby really insist.. so.. just follow lah..

Here we are.. at Diva Karaoke.. Somewhere at X-Tra Hypermarket JB..

See lah.. how energetic my hubby gets when singing his favorite rock song from Amy Search.. adoii..


Monday, April 6, 2009

My vacation to cherating @ postpone honeymoon

Remember the free hotel stay voucher i get? Well, me and hubby decide to speed the free stay on last 1 - 4 April..

Start our journey rite after subuh.. and reach Kuantan around 2pm.. Since we are not familiar with Kuantan area at all.. we got our self lost and turn around 3-4 times.. hahaha.. But alhamdullilah.. we finally reach the destination..

Quite a big hotel & a beutiful sea view..

But sorry guys.. I'm so bz enjoying the view and the facility here.. I didn't took enough picture for you to view.. some more.. most of the picture I didn't put on my tudung.. but here is some of the picture of the Swiss Garden Hotel view..

The lobby

Sitting area beside the lobby.. this area facing the beach.. I sit here at nite after dinner with hubby.. enjoying the fresh sea brezz & romantic songs from a piano.. haaa..
The restaurant.. so near to our room
The pool..

And the sea..

Thanks Swiss Garden Hotel & Spa Kuantan.. hope to come here again some other time.. Guess one of my new year resolution has been realise.. hehehe..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adik engagement day - The Day!

Alhamdullilah.. Everything when well today.. All my family close relative are here.. Even my atuk & nenek (my mum side) are here..
Relative, neighbour & guess starts coming after zohor
Hantaran from men's side
Hantaran from my sister side

After a discussion between my father & representative from Salleh's family.. regarding how long the engagement duration would be.. how much the man side agree to give duit hantaran (dowry) .. they proceed on Sarung cincin ceremony. This is where the man mother or elder family member will sarung a ring to the girl's finger.

Salleh's elder sister sarung a ring to my sister finger..
My sister engagement ring, merisik ring & duit tanda
My sister with her future step son - Amy
Pak Sahak & Mak Jah.. My beloved parents.. Smiling after the ceremony.. A big relief i guess..
Anak-anak Pak Sahak & Mak Jah.. my siblings.. Along (me), Adik, Angah & Uda

Newly engaged gurl with me & my hubby
Angah with his fiance. They will get married on this June..
Ziela - My bro future wifey with baby Qistina.. ambik berkat..
So.. Selamat Bertunang to my youngest sister Siti Hajar & her fiance Salleh.. Semoga hingga ke jinjang pelamin..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Adik Engagement Day - The preparation

As you all already know that my sister will be engaged this weekend.. Huh! Me & my hubby is bz like hell!!! huaaaa.. penat!

Since my sister still studying and got not much time to prepare stuff for her engagement day.. Me & my hubby decided to help her.. and for the last 2 month.. I've been preparing everything for my sister engagement day.. spending my weekend shopping & decorating all the necessary stuff..

This is hantaran for sisters fiance.. Me & my sister did this all.. all by our self! kalau ada sapa2 berhajat nak I buatkan hantaran.. I'll send the quotation later.. huhuhu..

And the mini pelamin.. is design by me.. but realise by my handy man - my hubby.. Thanks yang!!
This is my sister engagement baju kurung.. we bought it ready made at First Ladies at RM50. But I make it looks much more expensive with beading & sequence flowers..

Next post would be the pictures from my sister engagement day.. wish us luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gurl Friend Hang Out at Boston

I when for trip to abroad? Boston USA? No lah! Just when out makan2 with my gurl friends.. Liza, Mel & Kak Zack.. at a restaurant named BOSTON, here at Jusco Bukit Indah..
In a way.. this is a farewell dinner for Liza.. She will be transfered to Flex Senai 3.. But its also a birthday dinner for her.. and so our dinner tonite is by her treat (yeah!)

Kak Zack, Melissa, Liza & me..

3 of our drink is server in a jar called.. 'drinking jar'.. but the uniq one is kak zack's unstable small lime drink.. it's so hard to keep it stay! hahaha.. I guess.. it's an art in drink presentation, maybe?

Kak zack on diet.. a small amount of mee enough for her..

Mel with her cheesy rice..
Liza with her tomyam mee..
and mine.. nasi goreng with spicy beef tenderloin.. 100% recommended!!!
Kinda sad for me knowing that Liza have to work elsewhere (even though it still Flex branch).. She is among my good buddy from the earliest days at Flex.. We share a lot of things together..

Thanks Liza for the dinner.. Good Luck for your new work place.. and Happy Birthday..
See you in our next shopping spree schedule! :D