Friday, January 30, 2009

Gathering with My Ex-Manager - Mr. Tai

Mr. KM Tai was my dept Manager. After leaving Flex, he work in China.. and to celebrate CNY, he came back to m'sia. We (Zakiah, Teh, Rajah & my self) take this opportunity to have a small gathering with him. Actually we wanted to go raya to his house.. but we end up having the gathering at McDonald Kulai.

Oh ya, it's gathering over breakfast tau.. belanja by Mr. Tai

Mr. KM Tai - My ex-boss

Tai said it's been quiet sometime he didn't feel the heat of sunshine. China currently having cold weather.. even in day light cannot feel any heat. And so.. we makan our breakfast together under the heat of morning sunlight.. which at the McD open area meant for smoking area as well.

Chit chatting.. borak2.. laughing.. sharing our story.. from 9 am untill about 11.30 am and we when back together. Mr. Tai have shopping plans with his kids after this..

Before balik.. take picture 1st lah..

Bye2 Mr. Tai.. thanks for the b'fast.. hope to see you again next time.. take care..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some One Else's Misfortune, My Gain

Have you ever come to a situation where "someone else's misfortune, your gain" ?. Good for you, bad for them. It couldn't be both, and yet it would seem to be, depending on your perspective.

This a lesson that I gain from somene else's misfortune..
Today, I when to Pejabat Agama Islam Johor to get Nikah application form for my brother. I went there with my mak, hubby & my bro's fiance - Zila. I happen to meet my bro-exgf over there as well.

Guess what she's doing here? She wanted to get divorce application form... Kesian dia.. Just got married about a year & just got a baby boy.. She has been cheated by her husband. He got married (2nd wife) behind her back. I felt sorry for her misfortune..

What I gain?
Well, the incident got me & my hubby thinking & thanking for what he have. Alhamdullilah.. we still have each other, we cherish our love everyday, we love our family so dearly & we hope we will never have to face the 'unwanted' decision ever.

Syukur, alhamdullilah.. Love you Yang!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Am I a pink freak?

No doubt, I love pink. Almost 80% things in my life is in PINK!. Even my blog is pink! I got my hubby influence by the pink also. He use to say 'geli' to pink.. now have few shirt collection in pink! (yes!)

I know.. its too gurlish.. but.. its sweet ma.. I'm sure Mel also agree with me. If you ever got chance to see my wadrobe.. sure you will find this colour pallet in most of my baju. hahaha..

Recently, I when to Giant Hypermarket with my hubby. He wanted to find a tool box to keep all his hardware. Me on the other hand got no interest to buy anything, since I already buy my groceries 2 days before. Jalan punya jalan.. alamak! Pink!!!!

Cannot tahan my self seeing this pretty pink stuff.. hehehe.. They i buy lah..

Fluffy pink room slipper

Pretty Pink Stationery Set

I know.. it's kinda childish rite? Never mind lah.. I like ma..

Monday, January 26, 2009

BBQ on CNY nite

Remember not me & my family did a BBQ last month? Well, tonite we doing it again! My family love to BBQ kan?
Tonite menu is totally seafood. I already buy few fish & prawn yesterday and my mak marinate it for us.

My hubby bz BBQ-ing. My sis curik makan.. as usual..

The grilling crew is here. Azrie (my hubby nepiew, Salleh (my sis bf) & my beloved hubby.

As we grilling & BBQing.. we enjoying the view of firecracker played by my mak neighbours. It still CNY nite ma..

Huhuhu.. cannot tahan the asap lar...
Tada! Dah siap.. Jemput makan semua..

Happy Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year - or Chinese New Year (CNY), as it is more commonly known in Malaysia - highlights some of the most fascinating aspects of Chinese tradition and rituals. A time for family reunions, the lion dance, firecrackers, mahjong, mandarin oranges and giving/collecting ang pow. This year the chinese celebrate the year of OX.

Today, the prevalence of the colour red, and firecrackers, form part of the CNY celebrations throughout the world, as a part of custom and tradition. The festival, which once also marked the beginning of spring in China, begins on the first day of the lunar calendar year, the first day of the new moon, and ends on the 15th day, known as Chap Goh Meh, the last day of the full moon.

However, celebrations are normally confined to the first few days and the last day. In Malaysia, the first two days are gazetted as public holidays.

The eve of CNY is probably the high point of the celebration as it is on this day that family members from far and near will return home for the reunion dinner, to rekindle family ties and enjoy the sumptuously prepared meals.

With daylight, homes again become a buzz of activity. Ceremonial candles are lit, incense burned, new clothes (red is the custom) are put on, and greetings of “Kong Hee Fatt Choy” or “nian nian you yu” (which means “may every year be filled with extras”) are made.

As is commonplace among Malaysians during religious/cultural festivities, Chinese families invite their relatives and friends over to their homes during CNY. Guests arrive bearing gifts of mandarin oranges or kam, which symbolises gold or wealth.

It is also customary for married couples to give children and unmarried adults money inserted in red packets known as ang pow, as a gesture to mean that the recipient will enjoy a fruitful and wealthy life.

To CW Teh & Karen, SS Lim, big bos TH Chua and also to all my fellow chinese friends

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I got free holiday voucher!

Sister : Along! Ko nak voucher hotel free tak?

Me : Mestilah nak!

Sister : I got a call from Swiss Garden Hotel.. offer me this 3 days 2 nite stay at their place..

Me : Hey.. Where you got all the money? You using your study loan ah? I tell mak...

Sister : No lah you silly! The Swiss Garden Hotel giving this voucher to promote their hotel.. My celcom number happen to be the lucky one they called!

Me : Then you go lah.. what for offer to me plak? Wanted to make me jealous lah tu..

Sister : Its like this.. Yes i won the thing.. but I cannot claim it.. coz I'm below 25 years old. So, I ask them to give it to you.

Me : Boleh ker?

Sister : Boleh lah ni.. that's why I'm telling you now..

Me : Serious ker nih? yahooooo!!

Sister : But you have to claim the voucher your self at Ci**B**k tower. Bring abg (my hubby) along tau..

Me : OK! No problemo

So, I did claim the voucher later that evening. I've prepare mentally for any hidden agenda they might have since giving a free vacation its kinda fishy for me. Guess what.. they does have hidden agenda.. but don't worry I managed to over come it.. and I got the voucher anyway.. hahaha...


This voucher only valid withing 3 month after issued date.. Since I never when for honeymoon after my wedding day, I'm planning to use this voucher as our honeymoon get away... Maybe around March.. see lah how..

Btw, don't be jealous ha..

Friday, January 23, 2009

My black Myvi eating my money!

Today I when back from office tumpang Ida's car. My car pooler-Zakiah, have to take half day leave. As you know today is Ida last day, so she's taking some time to say goodbye to her friends.. and so I went back also lambat abit lah..

I reached to Saleng Petronas where my hubby usually pick me up by 7pm. My hubby face already one kind. Why? Coz he got plan to go Pasir Gudang tonite and 'The Wife' pulak balik lambat..

As he start the engine of our Black Myvi.. 1 time.. silent.. 2 time.. silent.. 3 time..Silent!!!! Huaa Black Myvi cannot start lah! Then hubby go checking the engine.. see what's wrong with it. Confirm! Battery kong! My hubby face getting worst.. takoootttt..

I called my Abah asked for his help. Abah said he can only come after perform Magrib prayer.. Oh yalah! It's Magrib already.. Then my hubby try ask help from Salleh my sister's bf... He sending her sister to work now.. only can reach Saleng after Magrib also... die..

Fuh..fuh.. fuh.. patient ct.. Relax.. We can solve this.. About 8pm my Abah arrive, bring together battery from my brother Honda City.. pinjam kejap. Who knows when things looks like almost ok.. My hubby pulak placed the battery wrongly.. dah lah spark & all the smoke came up.. and fius burn! adoiiii.. What a bad luck we got in to today..

The conclusion is.. Salleh manage to do something with the fuse. After almost 3 hours struggling, we at last can go back home. My hubby still when to Pasir Gudang that nite by Salleh's car.. and me? My purse koyak lah pay for the new battery & fuse!! This black Myvi start to eating my money more and more now adays.. adoiiii..

Good Bye My Friendz.. I'm gonna miss u all..

This is the last working week for my company before taking long Chinese New Year holiday.. Cuti lagi another 1 week.. adeii.. My leave balance dah -ve. Lucky I already did few replacement.. Otherwise, my next gaji sure below my basic pay.. huaaaa.. die!

Today also few of my gurl friends saying bye bye to Flex.. They leaving the company with VSS (Voluntarily Separation Scheme)..

Faizah, Admin Asst from QA dept. She is the one who teach me around when I just joint this company. Thanks a lot Faiz!

Hajira from Document Ctl Dept. She is my Sabahan buddy, always got chance to gossiping in our Sabah language if she's around.. Kurang satu sudah kawan seSabah ku..

Rohaida (front in all yellow) from ME dept. Among my good frenz from Flex Senai and still good frenz till now.

All of them taking VSS offered by the company. I'm thinking to taking it also.. but my service duration in this company just reaching to 4 years. Kinda rugi if I take the VSS now. Maybe I can consider about it when I reached to 5 years service... Can ah boss? :D

To all my frens.. Thanks alot for being a good frenz to me.. Good luck & don't forget us here.. I'm sure gonna miss you all.. bubai..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Al-fatihah for Along

Along atau nama sebenar Fadzli, rakan sekerja my hubby telah kembali kerahmatullah pagi tadi. Arwah telah terlibat dalam kemalangan jalan raya sewaktu dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja. Beliau malangnya menjadi mangsa langgar lari. Yang lebih menyedihkan, mayat mangsa terdampar di tengah jalan tanpa ada siapa yang sudi berhenti membantu.

Rakan sekerja yang kebetulan lalu di tempat kejadian memberitahu rakan yang lain termasuk my hubby.. Mereka ni lah yang sama2 membantu pihak Polis & keluarga arwah menguruskan jenazah arwah dari atas jalan raya ke hospital dan sehingga selamat sampai kerumah keluarga arwah.

Terdetik rasa simpati dan sedih kepada arwah atas petaka yang menimpa dirinya dan keluarga. Tapi dlm masa yang sama bangga, kerana arwah punyai rakan2 sejati dari waktu hidupnya hingga saat dia hanya tinggal sekujur tubuh tak bernyawa. To my hubby, I really proud of your braveness & loyal to a friend..
Aku sempat bertemu arwah kira2 3 minggu yang lalu ketika my hubby, arwah & 2 rakan kerja yang lain datang ke rumah untuk makan tengah hari.. Benarlah kata my hubby, along ni suka bergurau tapi baik orangnya.
Sesungguhnya Tuhan tu maha mengetahui segala yang terzahir dan yang tersirat di muka bumi ini. Dari DIA kita datang.. kepada DIA juga kita kembali.. Ajal Maut tak menunggu masa, tak kenal rupa & tak memilih siapa..

Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah Along..

Arwah Along & a friend - Lee

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pinky Friday

Friday morning at SQE dept - Section 1, PCA Building, Flextronics PTP.

Thresa : Cikgu!* you wearing pink also today ah??
(*cikgu is a nick thresa call me b'coz she say I look like a cikgu when I wear my spectical, in a way.. I'm cikgu to her..)

Ct : Yalah, what's wrong with it? What do you meant ' also'?

Thresa : Me, Melissa also accidentally wear pink baju kurung today.. hahaha

Mel walk in to office.. and start smiling from distance.

Mel : Abislah.. hari pinky today.. But we never plan anything rite?

Thresa : No. We never plan one.. We got good chemistry ah?

Ct : Maybe yes.. but I didn't think so much when I grab this baju kurung this morning. I woke up late & this is the solution of my lateness, no need to be iron ma! hahahaa..

Thresa, Melissa & my self sitting in one row in our qubical.. it's kinda funny see all wearing pink baju kurung. Ann - our assistant technician also wearing pink.. and so our friday officially called as Pinky Friday.

Me, Thresa, Ann & Melissa - SQE dept gurls on Pinky Friday

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jeya Prabu Farewell

Today, yet another farewell party for our dept team. This time.. it's Jeya Prabu farewell. Jeya is our IQC supervisor. A very committed staff to its team and also a good friend to us.. especially me. I treated him as my younger brother.. He also called me as 'Kak CT comel' (I'm always comel one..).

This is Jeya on his last day..
Despite of the hair losses, he actually still young tau..

B'coz of time constrain, my SQE team only having his farewell over a tea break at our cafe. But don't worry.. we will having a 2nd phase of this party next week. Rajah, Me, Teh, Zakiah, Azizul, Jeya, Mel & the camera lady Thresa

Show off our team shirt a bit.. hahaha..

Sure got gift for Jeya. Nah, this is for you my bro.

hahaha.. I even named 'the hand'

What's in the Parker bag?

Of coz Parker pen lor.. only this one specially engraved with Jeya's name

Jeya seems tickled by the photo that I paste inside the card. What so funny about it?

Ha.. This is the photo lah. It's kinda controversial lol. Looks like Jeya did lay his head on my shoulder rite? Actually it's only camera trick lah.. This photo was taken on our Quality Team Building training at Pulai Desaru Resort, 2006

So sad that he has to leave the company. But I know, he sure have a good reason for it. A very talented young man.. I'm sure he can explore his talent much more from what he did here.

Take care Jeya. Thank you for all the knowledge shared, friendship offered & care shown by you. Kak CT sure miss you. Now no one can help me if I'm having problem will IQC admin... (huhuhu.. )

Monday, January 12, 2009

SS Lim & Paid Rajah Birthday Dinner

Today after work I went to Jusco Bukit Indah (again) with my SQE team. I've been here last week for Chin's farewell.. But today I have different agenda...
Ermm.. Stone Grill seems interesting..

But, what actually I'm doing here?

To celebrate my boss SS Lim & my engineer Paid Rajah birthday. Both of them are Capricorn boys . Rajah birth date is on 9th & Lim on 12th Jan.

See, all here already..
Teh, Thresa, Melissa, Lim, Rajah, Me & Zakiah

Spoon & fork ready!

Now, makan time...

Grill your food people!

Kak Zack showing her grill skill .

Mel also showing her 'cooking on the rock' skill.

But, I cannot just eat the lauk alone.. and so I have my favourite Char kuey tiaw.
Now, birthday cake & birthday song time..
~ happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to Lim & Rajah.. happy birthday to you.. ~

Birthday boys cut the cake nicely ahh..

Nah, this is your gift Lim..

and this is your gift Rajah
Both at them get a special engraved Parker pen. Each with their name on it.

Red colour pen for Lim

Gold colour pen for Rajah
Oh ya, Lim also buy us a box of dark chocolate
Take one lah.. Bitter.. But nice!

Around 9.30 we finished the agenda. Hope we can come & celebrate other party here again.. Till then.. bubai Jusco..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Chin Farewell Dinner

Today is our Asst Engineer - Chin VC last day. My SQE team - Me, Melissa, CW Teh & Zakiah as usual sure organize farewell party. This time we having it after work at Secret Recipe, Jusco Bukit Indah.

Chin arrive..

We all lapar already.. Then order lor..

What we having?

Nah.. this is mine & kak zack.. DINO PUFF (hahahaa)..

It's actually Chicken Cornish, but it does look like a Dinosaurs rite? See..

*Dino nose courtesy of Teh's finger

This is Teh's vegy food

Wah so lapar meh?

This is mel's Black Paper Lamb Pie

* The 'piece' sign is obviously Mel's signature

And our Chin VC having.. Thai Fried Rice

Makan time..
For dessert - Indulgence Cake! Yummy!!

Before we all go back.. we give Chin a small token of appreciation..

It's a Larrie Men's ware (belt + wallet)

Nah, Chin.. for you..

Wah! Leaving us also happy ah?
Take care Chin.. and good luck for you.. Thank you for your support to SQE Team all this while.. Keep in touch ok..