Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Liza got me Shopping again.. (huaaaa)

8.30am - Today is Tuesday.. and I still on my bed.. adooii.. So lazy to wake up.. After a boring day at work yesterday, I decide just to take the shut down leave from today onwards.

8.45am - Received SMS from Liza asking if I'm working or not today. She asked me to teman her to shopping at Jusco Tebrau City. Teman only meh? (really don't trust my self on this statement). After get approval from my hubby.. I agreed to teman Liza.

Around 11.20am we reached Jusco Tebrau.. Huhu! we get to park rite in front of the main door. It's still early lol.. Some more it's normal working day for most of the people. Inside Ladies Dept, me & Liza take our separate way. Around 1 hour we meet up.. and pay our item at the cashier.
I'm not sure what did Liza buy.. but this is what I get for my self!

Byk nyerrr.. Actually its been quite a while I didn't shop like this.. All my outfit to office pun dah out dated.. (sian.. ) Even my fren Mr.Teh shop for his office attire much more frequent than me..
Opp! the shopping spree haven't end yet.. but 1'st we need to makan.

We continue to Lady Like boutique, Jeans Studio and Vincci /Padini. I wanted to find a new jeans.. but semua tak berkenan. Oh ya, I bought another sandal from Vincci

Reached home around 5pm. So tired.. Wanted to sleep.. That's all for the day..ZZzzzz

Monday, December 29, 2008

My blue Monday

I come to work today (Monday). According to my plan.. I shouldn't be working this week. I don't have anything to do at home actually.. Kak Zack also coming to work.. So, I just follow lah..

Reach the company - So many empty parking lot, no noise from the machine in production.. not even noise from the offices.. such a silence morning. This is b'coz, there is only 2 project currently running.. Xerox & Ruckus. Other project when for the shut down holiday..

In my office.. only me, Kak Zack, Yoges & Thres coming to work.. Even the air-condition haven't switch up when we came in.. haiya.. Everything need to wait for Siti..

Nothing much I did today actually.. continue my SYP a bit.. and get board after that.. Haiya.. so blue lah today.. Eh! No wonder lah.. I wear blue shirt with blue tudung rupanya.. (hahahaha.. )

But seriously.. I'm so board today.. balik jommm!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shopping Makes Me Feel Better(?)

After tiring day at class & teman my hubby to his swimming session yesterday.. This morning migraine struck my head.. adoiii.. I hate when this happen.. but, what to do.. I cannot just waste my weekend sitting on the bed can I?

With out taking any medicine to reduce my migraine.. Me & my hubby when to Giant Plentong. The plan is just to upgrade my hubby's PSP games, but who knows that he would suddenly found a replacement for his broken Nokia hand phone?

forgot to take the actual picture. This one.. i kidnap from Sony Ericsson website
Event though it's second handed.. but this Sony Ericsson W580i is still in good condition.. And so i bought it for him.. What i get for my self? Nothing much.. only a pair of sandal from Summit (hehehe..)
My hubby felt so happy.. and he agreed to teman me window shopping at Jusco Tebrau City after that. I didn't spent so much .. just get my self 2 item only..

Blusher from Body Shop
& one Disney baby outfit.
Cute rite? Uik! baby outfit?? for who? I don't even have a baby yet... hemm.. According to Indonesian say, if you want to get a baby soon.. keep a baby cloth in your house.. Since I don't have any baby's baju in the house.. then i bought one lah.. Just to try my luck.. who knows.. (insyallah..)
Did this little shopping spree cure my migraine? The answer is yes! Not entirely.. but it does reduce my pain.. (alhamdullilah.. ) Its kinda proven to me that hopping does makes me feel better

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beading Workshop with Kak Nora from Nora Manik

27th Dec 08 - I attended beading class (again) by Kak Nora & Lily (kak nora's sister) from Nora Manik. You all already know that I've been to beading class by Amoi twice before rite? Then why I still wanted to join Kak Nora's class?

Becoz.. Kak Nora got her own beading technique. She have been my beading Idol for so long.. Her signature beading pattern called 'Shimmering Flora' is totally drop dead gorgeous.. She never open any class in JB.. All of her class is in KL, this is her 1st. I cannot resist the opportunity. So, I bring along 3 of my office mate to the class.. Liza, Julie & Ida

The class took place somewhere at Skudai. I've learn 20 beading technique + so many tips + bonus! the shimmering flora technique (I love this!)

Kak Nora in action

Even though me & Julie already have some basic knowledge on beading.. but we both are among the slowest student of the day (huh!) This is becoz we wanted to make sure all the knowledge we gain really get in our head. But hey, we are among the first to complete our 20 technique. And Julie won Kak Nora's beads work sample (horayyy!)

Me & Julie concentrate on our peace of art

This is the result!
Nora Manik Beading Class Batch 5-08
Kak Nora's sis, Ida, Me, Julie, Lily, kak Nora's sister (standing) *
Mas, Kak Long, Kak Nora (the sifoo), Kak Huzaimah, Liza (sit)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Company Shut Down for 2 Weeks

My company going to shut down for 2 weeks starting 22nd Dec 08 until 5th Jan 09. You can consider this as end year holiday for the staff.. But, 2 weeks? What the heck should I do within this 2 weeks? Go holiday somewhere? My hubby has to work.. no one can teman me.. I'll easily get boring if I just sit around at home and do nothing.. ni tak boleh jadi.. I have to plan something..

So here is some of my draft plan..

1st week of shut down week
1. Come to work (still), do SYP database for year 2009. (approved by my bos & my big big bos)
2. Attend beading workshop by Kak Nora from Nora Manik on 27th Dec.

2nd week of shut down week
1. Help youngest sister prepare her engagement stuff (hantaran, find baju & etc)
2. Help my only brother on his wedding preparation (since he's currently on board, looks like I have to
decide on behalf of him)
3. Pamper my self with little shopping spree (I don't really trust my self on this)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Creative Beading Work

I love to see (and wear) a pretty cloth.. full of bling2 beads detail on it . Especially baju kurung or kebaya.. It's definitely will look exclusive and expensive.. Ala2 celebrity gitu!.

Sample beading work from my Sifoo-Amoi
This kind of outfit can cost from RM200 - RM600 in any boutique in M'sia. I love it... but it's to expensive for me.. Considering its only normal baju kurung or kebaya that usually can bought around RM50.
That's when i decided to join Beading Class from sifoo Amoi and get my self some knowledge of this exclusive sewing technique. I've started with Amoi's beginner class last year & recently I finally graduated from her advance class (ewah!).. Now I'm officially a beader with certificate (huaaa...)

At first i thought i can never do this beading work as nice and neat as my sifoo did.. but after few attempt surprisingly i can do it! and it's pretty! (felt like crying.. syahdu..) Actually its not that hard to do any beading on textile/cloth. The only thing you need is the sewing tools + patience + a bit of creativity..

This is some of the tools needed

Needle, Cutter, fabric pen / pencil and coins (for round tracing)

Beads (hexagon and round)

Sequins and pearls Add my collection with some bling2.. stones.. sequins flowers
Some references.. Books, Notes & Beads colour code
This is some technique I've learn from sifoo Amoi class

Beginner Class

Advance Class

Wanted to see my beading work? Did I successfully apply my knowledge and skill that I've learn? Stay tune.. I'll share with you on my next post OK?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Adat Perkahwinan Melayu (Malay Marriage Tradition)

In Malay tradition.. when a men wanted to ask a girl to marry him.. He need to go though steps of adat resam perkahwinan melayu. So here is some of the summary of all the adat for your reference (especially for my non-muslim frens)

Step 1 : Merisik (take a peek)
This adat also known as meninjau atau menengok. Purpose of this adat merisik is to ensure that the girl he wanted to get married to is still single. This is important b’coz in Islam a man is prohibit to ask for other people fiancé / wife. Other than that, adat merisik also to get to know the girl family background, her personal attitude, her religion knowledge as well as her look. Usually this adat merisik is performed by the man parents or his closes family members.

After confirmed that the girl is single, the man family will discuss and set a date when they will be coming for Meminang. At the end of this merisik session, the man parents will give a simple belah rotan ring to the girl as a token from the man.

Step 2 : Meminang (Proposal of Marriage)
Adat meminang is present the proposal of marriage, officially. Family member from both sides will discuss on the hantaran for the engagement, set the date and time for the engagement.

Step 3 : Bertunang (engagement)
On adat bertunang ceremony, usually org tengah or middle man will represent the man family. This middle man will express their attention to ask the girl hand, thus they would like to get both of this couple engaged...And so, they will represent the engagement ring together with other hantaran (gift).

If the girl parents accept it.. The man mother will put on the engagement ring on to the girl finger. Both of this couple now will exchange their gift (hantaran), traditionally it will be in odd number. Gift from a girl will be slightly more than a man. In this ceremony both family members will discuss on how long the engagement will be. When the wedding will be and so on..

My mother in-law put on engagement ring on my finger

My engagement hantaran

Me on my engagement day

Step 4 : Nikah
Nikah, or nikkah, (Arabic: النكاح ‎), is the contract between a bride and groom and part of an Islamic marriage. Nikah is the key ceremony in Islam. This is not adat resam for Malay people only. All muslim must follow this practice.

Kadi performing Nikah

The first part of the marriage ceremony - nikah, is the signing of the marriage contract itself. Marriage is seen as a necessity in Islam and is seen as helpful in avoiding zina (pre-marital sex) or cruelty.

Most of parent in Malaysia prefer their son to be Nikah by a Kadi (representative) that has been certified with Jabatan Agama Islam. Wali (legal guardian), bride, groom, 2 Muslim male as a witness and Ijab Qabul (uttering of acceptance in words) is an essential in Nikah ceremony. Once the nikah is performed, it will be valid to give a mas kahwin or mahr (dowry or bridal money). In Johor the standard mas kahwin is RM22.50.

My mahr, wedding ring & wedding money.
Now both of the bride and groom are officially and legally as husband and wife.

My family & my hubby family on our Nikah day

Step 5 : Bersanding (wedding reception)
Bersanding ceremony is a celebration day and also as announcement day to let public know that both of them are legally husband and wife. I think most of us should already know what activity on this ceremony.. since it’s a well known Malay wedding ceremony in Malaysia.

Me & hubby on our Sanding Day

My Family - Mak, Abah, my sisters uda & adik and my sister in law - ziela

My hubby's parents from Sabah, mama & bapak

BBQ huhuuuuu

Last Friday Nite

Sister : Long, kita buat BBQ mlm ni nak?
Me : Huh? What's the occation? Tiba2 je nak BBQ?
Sister : Ala.. saja2 je.. Aku boring kat rumah ni
Me : Apa yang nak di BBQ kan tu?
Sister : Ermm.. ayam ker.. sosej ker..
Me : Ala, aku tak der budget lah.. buat lepas2 gaji nantilah.. Puas ati
Sister : Bukan nak makan byk2 pun.. kita satu family je..
Me : Then ko BBQ daging korban tu lah.. byk lagi tu..
Sister : Boleh ker?
Me : Abis mat salleh tu selalu BBQ daging bleh jek.. layan jek lah
Sister : OK! aku prepare lauk ni and marinate it. Malam kang kita BBQ.. huhuhuuu!!
Me : Layankan jek lah..

So there you go.. That nite me, my hubby, my youngest sister, her future fiance and my Mak having BBQ at front porch of my mum's house.

My younger sis with her future fiance BBQ-ing

Eh! My hubby pun nak interframe gak.. Uih! My sis curik makan arrr..

Tgk tu.. dia interframe lagi.. layan kan jek lah hubby ku..
My sister running away from the BBQ smokes.. hahahaha padan muker..
Once in a while it's good having this kind of activity.. can create happy moment & get the family together.. and me.. got material for my blog!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Youngest Sister di Risik Orang.. (ahhhh..)

Last 2 week ago.. A rombongan of people came to my parents house. Why they came? Ermm.. they wanted to asked for my sister hand.. Org melayu kata Merisik.. How many of them? Just count how many cups here..

Actually, my parents does not know that these people coming bringing their hajat (intention) to merisik my youngest sister. Thought they only came to visit.. Even my sister didn't know that her BF is sending his parents to merisik her tonite.. (wahhhh..)

Mak looking at me with a big question mark on her face (hahahaha.. ) Confirmed merisik ni..

After the rombongan when back, my parent discuss about the merisik with my sister. Does she want to be enggaged to her BF soon. Why my parent ask this kind of question? B'coz my sister still studying - 3rd year in JB Politechnic. She wanted to futher her study aboard somemore after that.. Does she wants to get engaged this early?

My abah started questioning my sister & inserted some khutbah (as usual)
My sister? Pening.. (jawab.. jgn tak jawab cik Hajar.. cak pung.. cak pung..)

But alhamdullilah.. after a week of thinking & consideration. My sister agree to get enggaged. So end of February 2009 we going to have another engagement in the house! (huhuhuuu!!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Siti Norazlina lah.. NOT Siti Nurhaliza

Is your name exactly or almost the same with any high profile people.. like artist or celebrity or even VIP? My full name given by my parents is Siti Norazlina, but people always missed call my name as Siti Nurhaliza - M'sia no.1 singer (read carefully arr.. there is a different between these two names)

Dato Siti Nurhaliza

This not only happen among my friends. even my Abah miss called me as 'Siti Nurhaliza' iyerlah selalu panggil Along je.. kan Bah? Once in a while when my full name is needed.. tiba2 my sweet name jadi Siti Nurhaliza (huhuhhu.. dia yg bagi, dia plak yg salah sebut..)

Siti Norazlina
Recent incident : One of my ex-Flex friend chatting with me via YM at lunch break. She put up her YM status msg as "Tengah chat ngan Siti Norazlina". Then out of the blue someone already tersilap baca and thought she was chatting with Siti Nurhaliza (har har har) ..

Image how would it be if my name really is SITI NURHALIZA.. (?)