Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Weekend Journey - Saturday

I don't have much rest this weekend (again)... My schedule are so tight.. But I won't complain about anything.. Even though I'm so damn tired! Coz this time.. I when to places to find things that I like.. (huhuhuuuu..)

Early Morning
When to service my Blacky Myvi at Produa service center - Impian Emas. After a shocking incident last nite.. I guess now Blacky Myvi would 'feel' much better if I take care her health. Hopefully she won't need to go to 'clinic' any time soon.

Slightly before Noon
Fetch my younger sister at Pasir Gudang. Her old Honda civic got 'sick' & when for some 'operation'. I'm being a good sister, fetch her & bring her home lah..

* Come across a triple accident at Pasir Gudang - Jb road. Causing a very2 jammed road.

Noon until late afternoon
Spoil my self in SSF (again). This time I'm doing serious shopping.. Roses shopping! (Mel, jangan jeles.. I got it all in pink!) And definitely no 'sesat' for me this time. But 'jakun' time for my sister as this is her 1st time here. hahaha..

Brought 4 bun of this pink roses for RM 8.70/bun. Each bun got 5 roses . Gorgeous!

This vase for RM6.70 with champagne colour roses for RM8.70/bun.. Err but this is not for the hantarans ok.. I will put it on my work station (to tease all my gurl frens! hahaha)

Nite after dinner

Start 1st stage of preparing hantaran for my sister engagement. Tired.. cannot go further.. to be continue soon..

Tomorrow.. mission to find Blacky Myvi new 'shoes' ..

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Almost Got Blacky Accident!

I almost got my Blacky Myvi accident just now.. Huaaaaa.. Rasa nak nangis... :( But Alhamdullilah.. Nothing happen.. Stupid me! Dah tau rabun.. Driving without wearing my glasses!

The story is like this.. Me & hubby have to send Azrie (my hubby's nephew) off to Skudai. Azrie need to catch bus to KL by 11pm. We thought if keluar by 10.30pm would be just nice lah.. Skudai is not that far ma.. 15 minute dah sampai..

Who would know rite before 10.30pm heavy jam at Senai main road! What?? Police road blocks!!! Adoii.. that's means.. I have to drive lah.. My hubby got no driving licence ma.. and so this rabun pretty lady have to take the wheel..

Everything was ok all the way from Senai to Skudai.. Until i reached at front of MPJBT. I should have stay at the left lane before i can make my U turn under Tun Aminah's fly over.. But No! I rushed to over take a slow moving lorry infront of me.. & almost langgar road divider!!! huaaa... I cannot see clearly.. Lucky my hubby sempat shout to warn me. Apa lagi.. conner baring lah..

Hubby : Astagfirullah.. Awak tak nampak ker yangg???
Me : .... silence...

Hahaha.. The most important thing.. We all ok.. My Blacky ok.. Alhamdullilah.. This is definitely a lesson for me.. Never drive without clear sight! or at least.. wear your spectical if you are rabun like me..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sharing is Caring : Blog Face Lift

Recently few of my friends ask me. Where i got pretty blog skin. How I touch-up my picture.. bla..bla..bla.. Hello! I used to be a graphich designer ok.. So cikai² looks is tottally not OK for me.. But don't worry friends.. You don't even need to have all those complicated software nor design skills to get a good result.. Just a bit of creativity will do.

OK.. Today, I'm so kind (I'm always kind by the way) to share some simple blog face lift tools with you guys. Class start..

Free Blog Skin
You can get from The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Picture Editing
If you have a picture looking not so nice and need some touch-up to it (correct exposure, softer look, etc) you can use online photo editing by

  • Go to
  • Register for free first.
  • Upload your picture
  • Click Edit button & you can adjust your picture looks to perfect!
  • Download back to your pc if needed
  • Upload to your blog post
  • Done!

Picture Deco & such

  • Upload your picture
  • Select what type of decoration you want. (sticker, picture collage, frames, etc..)
  • Save & share (save to your pc)
  • Upload to your post
  • Done!

Now, you can go try it.. Practice make perfect..

Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been Tag TWICE!! {1st TAG}

I've been tag by two person.

1. My college mate -
2. My Snr. Enginner -

Both of them gave me different rules of their tag..
Since Aina tag me 1st.. So, I'll do Aina's tag 1st ha.. Here we go!

Rules :
* Tajuk, Senarai Kesyukuran {insert nama anda, nama glemer atau tidak, terpulang}
* Tuliskan semua benda tentang hidup anda, baik atau buruk
* Letakkan Saya bersyukur di hadapan setiap ayat tadi untuk mengubah semua ayat baik atau buruk kepada ayat baik dan positif.
* Boleh dibuat dalam semua bahasa.

  1. Saya bersyukur diizinkan untuk bernyawa & hidup di bumi Allah sehingga kini.
  2. Saya bersyukur dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang bahagia.
  3. Saya bersyukur punyai Mak & Abah yang paling sporting, memahami & menyayangi saya.
  4. Saya bersyukur miliki Mak yang sangat tegas dan tersangatlah leser. Kalau tak saya mungkin tak jadi seperti mana saya skg.
  5. Saya bersyukur Mak & Abah saya telah mendidik saya dan adik2 dengan baik utk dunia & akhirat.
  6. Saya bersyukur memiliki adik-adik yang baik, saling menyayangi & akrab.
  7. Saya bersyukur bertemu jodoh dengan suami tercinta.
  8. Saya bersyukur akhirnya saya miliki keluarga sendiri walaupun agak terlewat tapi saya bahagia.
  9. Saya bersyukur dikurniakan suami yg sgt loving, carring, sporting & unik kadang2 poyo tapi saya suker gak.
  10. Saya bersyukur punyai keluarga mertua yg baik, ipar² yang sporting & saya boleh bertutur bahasa mereka (sabah) dengan baik!
  11. Saya bersyukur dikelilingi kawan2 yang baik kadang ada juga yg tak baik tapi saya redha je.
  12. Saya bersyukur dikurnikan berbagai kelebihan & keistimewaan juga keburukan.
  13. Saya bersyukur dikurniakan akal yang baik hingga mampu miliki Diploma.
  14. Saya bersyukur dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dah berupaya untuk bekerja dan beribadat dengan baik.
  15. Saya bersyukur berpeluang merasai pahit maung hidup sendiri di perantauan.

With this TAG & this rules I want to TAG my pinky engineer Mel & my ex-officemate Juanita

Ok Teh.. After this I'll answer your tag pulak.. tungguuu..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Fun but Exhauting Saturday

What I did until got exhaust? Nope, I'm not working today.. Yes, I go jalan² with hubby.. Where? Let's see..

When to Al-Rajhi bank at Tmn Molek to settle some important thing. They open this Saturday & Sunday just for a good customer like me.

When for kite sightseeing at Pesta Layang², Pasir Gudang. So hot.. panas terik! me & my hubby cannot tahan melting under the sun.. Only spend 1+ hour there.

Late Afternoon
Begging my hubby to drop by awhile took me 2.5 hours actually at
SSF. SSF is a home deco mart. They also have a lot of wedding craft item. I wanted to buy some ribbons for my sister's hantaran, so I should take only about 30 minutes rite?.

Funny things happen, who knows that I would be lost inside SSF gallery. Shame! Maybe my mind got blur in the fabulousness of their designs.. Iyerlah, org perempuan.. Sure like all the pretty things rite? Seriously, if you like decorating.. you definitely should go here & be inspired by their design.. It's so cantik you know!

Before dawn
Reached home.. lapar lah pulak.. But too tired already..Malasnya nak masak.. Take a nap for awhile.. wake-up and cook fried kuey tiaw for me & hubby.

Thanks to hubby for being understanding & patience with me. Love u!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My 4th year working in Flex

Today ngam2 my 4th year of service in Flextronics... Huhuhu! Alhamdullilah.. I'm still employed till now. Looking back to the pass 4 years here.. so many lesson I've learn, friends I meet and I even found my life partner here!

Before I join this company on the 20th Feb 2005. I was working in training provider company in KL as DTP (desktop publishing) graphic designer for 3 years. I start looking out for other opportunity when that company facing financial problem.

I got my current post immediately after spending 4 hours interview with QA Director at that time -Mr. PK Ham. That's where I became one of SQE team. Even tho this post is not my 'speciality' but I managed to blend between administration & computer science. . Alhamdullilah, I've been honour and promoted to Senior tittle on the 3rd year.

Now after 4 years of service, I still try to give the best to my team. Help them when ever I can & the best I can. Hope I can stay with this team much longer, but the future not ours to see rite? We can only hope & pray..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SQE vs Suppliers

Working in department that liaise with supplier on daily basis, giving us an advantage compared to other department. Despite of all head ache & fire fighting these suppliers gave to my engineers (and also to my boss) they sometimes give a small gift to us.. Nak ambik hati lah konon..

This what we got this week..

But this is not rasuah ok! Just a token for a good support & co-operation from my team to them. If these supplier give us miserable part they still going to screwed by my engineers (and boss) Don't play play with SQE haa...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everything Happens With A Reason

Everything does happen with a reason. I believe it's already written by HIM that way.. Whether it's good or bad.. it does meant to happen.. It's a takdir (faith).. In Islam we believe in this.. It's call Qada' & Qadar (Decree and Destiny).

Yah, something (unfortunate) did happen to me & hubby last night. My hubby's nephew motorbike has been stolen! It's was parked at our front porch. This happens while I & my hubby went away to my mother's house and no one at home.

Imagine how scared I was when we found our front gate open wide & the bike missing! Ya Allah.. only god know how shaking my body at that time.. Terkejut!! We suspected the thief has targeted the bike quiet some time and just waited for the rite time.

Police report has been made that night by my hubby & his nephew. If we lucky enough, maybe we will get back the bike. But we never put high hope for that to happen. And this is what i told my hubby later that night.

" Tak perlah.. kita redha je. Ada hikmah di sebalik apa yang jadi ni"
and my hubby too agree..
“Everything does happens with a reason.. “
* Redha = Consent or willing

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally I Got The Date! Chayok!!

Don't know you guys perasan ker tak.. all this while that my blog post didn't have any date appear... The reason is.. my blog got problem with some HTML coding.. Weird rite, telling stories but you don't know when its happening..

And so I struggle my brain to think of something.. I study my blog HTML.. read some tips & trick from the web... Try & error here and there.. The result??. (chayok! chayok!)
Tada! My blog post dates finally appear! Hahaha.. I managed to repair the error! (horayyyy!!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kembar Tak Seiras

Hehehe.. so funny looking at these 2 people - My good fren Liza & my engineer Zakiah. Mcm manalah boleh terpakai tudung sama on the same day.. hehehe.. Mcm nak bernasyid or boria lah pulak..
See.. Liza & Zakiah

Even their baju almost colour like.. and placing of their badge tali also almost the same.. hahahaha.. Next time need to plan when you both wanted to wear the tudung.. so that tak boria lagi.. hehehee..

But the tudung cantik *wink*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Takziah for Ajep's family

Father to my classmate Ajep & also father in-law of my best friend Aina, has passed away today. Takziah to Ajep's family.. Semoga roh arwah ayah Ajep dicucuri rahmat & ditempatkan di samping orang2 yang beriman..