Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dine out with mak - Pre mothers day celebration

Mothers day is 1 week away.. but my mum always will got bz with her canteen and all.. so.. Me & hubby decide to belanja mak early 1 week..

Since my mum wanted to find something for my brother wedding day.. We all when to Angsana.. and decide to dine in at the Pizza Hut.. which by the way are so packed with people!! Lucky my sister-Uda got a fren working there.. so we manage to get a table quite fast.. hehehe..

Me & hubby..

My mum and my sister-Uda who work in KL but came back to JB every weekend.. gilos.. Unfortunely my youngest sister cannot join us.. she when to Penang playing softball for her Polytechnich JB..
Azrie my hubby nephew and Uda..
We when home rite after makan.. but ONLY to drop my mum.. hehehe.. we got some other plans.. karaoke!!!

My sister-Uda punya plan lah ni.. Got my hubby excite to go to karaoke.. adoii.. I'm actually sleepy already.. it's almost 11pm tau! What to do.. my hubby really insist.. so.. just follow lah..

Here we are.. at Diva Karaoke.. Somewhere at X-Tra Hypermarket JB..

See lah.. how energetic my hubby gets when singing his favorite rock song from Amy Search.. adoii..


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