Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adik engagement day - The Day!

Alhamdullilah.. Everything when well today.. All my family close relative are here.. Even my atuk & nenek (my mum side) are here..
Relative, neighbour & guess starts coming after zohor
Hantaran from men's side
Hantaran from my sister side

After a discussion between my father & representative from Salleh's family.. regarding how long the engagement duration would be.. how much the man side agree to give duit hantaran (dowry) .. they proceed on Sarung cincin ceremony. This is where the man mother or elder family member will sarung a ring to the girl's finger.

Salleh's elder sister sarung a ring to my sister finger..
My sister engagement ring, merisik ring & duit tanda
My sister with her future step son - Amy
Pak Sahak & Mak Jah.. My beloved parents.. Smiling after the ceremony.. A big relief i guess..
Anak-anak Pak Sahak & Mak Jah.. my siblings.. Along (me), Adik, Angah & Uda

Newly engaged gurl with me & my hubby
Angah with his fiance. They will get married on this June..
Ziela - My bro future wifey with baby Qistina.. ambik berkat..
So.. Selamat Bertunang to my youngest sister Siti Hajar & her fiance Salleh.. Semoga hingga ke jinjang pelamin..

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