Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gurl Friend Hang Out at Boston

I when for trip to abroad? Boston USA? No lah! Just when out makan2 with my gurl friends.. Liza, Mel & Kak Zack.. at a restaurant named BOSTON, here at Jusco Bukit Indah..
In a way.. this is a farewell dinner for Liza.. She will be transfered to Flex Senai 3.. But its also a birthday dinner for her.. and so our dinner tonite is by her treat (yeah!)

Kak Zack, Melissa, Liza & me..

3 of our drink is server in a jar called.. 'drinking jar'.. but the uniq one is kak zack's unstable small lime drink.. it's so hard to keep it stay! hahaha.. I guess.. it's an art in drink presentation, maybe?

Kak zack on diet.. a small amount of mee enough for her..

Mel with her cheesy rice..
Liza with her tomyam mee..
and mine.. nasi goreng with spicy beef tenderloin.. 100% recommended!!!
Kinda sad for me knowing that Liza have to work elsewhere (even though it still Flex branch).. She is among my good buddy from the earliest days at Flex.. We share a lot of things together..

Thanks Liza for the dinner.. Good Luck for your new work place.. and Happy Birthday..
See you in our next shopping spree schedule! :D

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Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

The food over there is a bit expensive.