Sunday, May 3, 2009

VIP Invitation - Celebriti Gempak Astro

Yes, believe it or not.. I got an invitation to Lunch with the Gempak Selebriti artists.. huhuhu!!

So.. the lunch was at the Paragon Hotel, JB..
Actually these celebrity came down to JB for tour.. And they start the show at Angsana at 3pm today.. I'm exited to go and see them at first.. but I couldn't imagine the crowd + traffic jam.. Fuhh!! My husband totally reject my request to go there.. So, 2 week earlier I visit Astro website & register for a VIP invitation for this event.. Who knows.. I actually did got the invitation!!! YES!!!
Even though I reach the Hotel Ball Room quiet late.. got lost and everything.. but I did reach there just in time... hehehe.. Great! All the celebrity are here.. And I don't even need to rush in to the crowd people...!!
And so my luxury day.. filled with 5 star hotel lunch treat.. and celebrity around me.. heaven!

Ning Baizura & her hubby.. With me & my hubby *wink*

There some stage game.. "Ning wannabe" by the fans & celebrity

Ning giving her comment & choose the winner

With famous Astro host & also my hubby school mate.. Faris.. Very friendly guy.. I talk to him using my Sabah accent.. and he totally believe I'm Sabahan..bah...
With Reza another Astro talkative & friendly host..
With Tok Wan ~ Astro Macam-macam ada icon

with Nora from AF4

Hubby with Zainal Alam Kadir.. Org Sg.Mati Muorr.. and Mek Kelate ..

With Noni AF5.. The cute sabahan gurl

At the end of the day.. I got a autograph from Ning for memories..

Thanks Astro.. This is the most glamorous lunch I ever had!


slinnic said...

wow, so nice.. up close and personal with ning...

Anonymous said...

This answer, is matchless

juanita said... nye tot...hehehe