Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adik engagement day - The Day!

Alhamdullilah.. Everything when well today.. All my family close relative are here.. Even my atuk & nenek (my mum side) are here..
Relative, neighbour & guess starts coming after zohor
Hantaran from men's side
Hantaran from my sister side

After a discussion between my father & representative from Salleh's family.. regarding how long the engagement duration would be.. how much the man side agree to give duit hantaran (dowry) .. they proceed on Sarung cincin ceremony. This is where the man mother or elder family member will sarung a ring to the girl's finger.

Salleh's elder sister sarung a ring to my sister finger..
My sister engagement ring, merisik ring & duit tanda
My sister with her future step son - Amy
Pak Sahak & Mak Jah.. My beloved parents.. Smiling after the ceremony.. A big relief i guess..
Anak-anak Pak Sahak & Mak Jah.. my siblings.. Along (me), Adik, Angah & Uda

Newly engaged gurl with me & my hubby
Angah with his fiance. They will get married on this June..
Ziela - My bro future wifey with baby Qistina.. ambik berkat..
So.. Selamat Bertunang to my youngest sister Siti Hajar & her fiance Salleh.. Semoga hingga ke jinjang pelamin..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Adik Engagement Day - The preparation

As you all already know that my sister will be engaged this weekend.. Huh! Me & my hubby is bz like hell!!! huaaaa.. penat!

Since my sister still studying and got not much time to prepare stuff for her engagement day.. Me & my hubby decided to help her.. and for the last 2 month.. I've been preparing everything for my sister engagement day.. spending my weekend shopping & decorating all the necessary stuff..

This is hantaran for sisters fiance.. Me & my sister did this all.. all by our self! kalau ada sapa2 berhajat nak I buatkan hantaran.. I'll send the quotation later.. huhuhu..

And the mini pelamin.. is design by me.. but realise by my handy man - my hubby.. Thanks yang!!
This is my sister engagement baju kurung.. we bought it ready made at First Ladies at RM50. But I make it looks much more expensive with beading & sequence flowers..

Next post would be the pictures from my sister engagement day.. wish us luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gurl Friend Hang Out at Boston

I when for trip to abroad? Boston USA? No lah! Just when out makan2 with my gurl friends.. Liza, Mel & Kak Zack.. at a restaurant named BOSTON, here at Jusco Bukit Indah..
In a way.. this is a farewell dinner for Liza.. She will be transfered to Flex Senai 3.. But its also a birthday dinner for her.. and so our dinner tonite is by her treat (yeah!)

Kak Zack, Melissa, Liza & me..

3 of our drink is server in a jar called.. 'drinking jar'.. but the uniq one is kak zack's unstable small lime drink.. it's so hard to keep it stay! hahaha.. I guess.. it's an art in drink presentation, maybe?

Kak zack on diet.. a small amount of mee enough for her..

Mel with her cheesy rice..
Liza with her tomyam mee..
and mine.. nasi goreng with spicy beef tenderloin.. 100% recommended!!!
Kinda sad for me knowing that Liza have to work elsewhere (even though it still Flex branch).. She is among my good buddy from the earliest days at Flex.. We share a lot of things together..

Thanks Liza for the dinner.. Good Luck for your new work place.. and Happy Birthday..
See you in our next shopping spree schedule! :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

As & Fadzli wedding

Siti Asmah or AS is a friend of mine (of course). She used to work at Flex Senai.. Now she's a government officer somewhere in KL.. Yesterday, I got a chance to attend her wedding together with my longkang friend Siti Zaizura, Oja, Yati & her hubby Zack.

AS & her newly weds hubby.. Fadzil at their glamorous pelamin.

The long lost longkang's gurl friend. Our table are hactic with laughter of stupid jokes.. Actually its a way for us to forget that we are crazly melting under the heat of hot sun! Panas giler!!!

New Mummy & Daddy.. Zack & Yati.. expecting their 1st child next month..

Pretty as always! (psstt.. this is the very 1st time i see Oja wearing baju kurung! hahaha)

Last post before we heading back home.. Selamat Pengantin Baru AS!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Weekend Journey - Sunday

2nd day of my weekend journey. Today journey with mission! To find a new 'shoes' for my Blacky Myvi..cayok!! Early morning (7am) we already make our move. Me, My hubby, my younger sister & her BF - Salleh.

Adeii.. still ngantuk lar.. but can smile :)

But why need to go so early? Because.. we wanted to have our breakfast at the Kluang Railway Station kopitiam. This place is famous with their old style preparing bread toast & coffee.. heaven! Still early morning the place already crowd with people!.. We have to stand outside & wait for next empty table.. adoiii.. sabar2..

After that, we make our move to find the 'new shoes' . Where are we heading? Batu Pahat lahhh.. This is the place where you can get a good quality 'car shoes' with very reasonable price! serious! Errr.. Car shoes = Sport rim :D

Jalan punya jalan.. survey punya survey.. we finally found the purrrfect 'shoes' for Blacky Myvi here at CT Auto Service.. Erk! CT? I have my own auto service shop meh? hahahah.. Not!!

Tada!!.. this is Blacky new shoes (rim) Boleh lah.. Suits my Blacky nicely.. Sapa pilih? Me lorr.. But only agree to buy it after approved by my hubby :D

Abg mechanic installing Blacky new shoes with new tire after replacing the springs. Errmm.. My hubby sibuk inter frame.. as usual..

Bye bye my dearest standard rims.. You have given me great service for more than 3 years.. thanks a lot.. I'll miss you..

Later that day, we all tired already.. lapar some more.. We decide to stop a while at Ayer Hitam on the way back.. and have our late lunch there. If already in Ayer Hitam.. You never buy crafty item there.. rugi! Ayer Hitam are well know place for craft item & also for hantaran craft. So, die2 I must buy something here.. :D
Adoii yaii... Exhaust.. but happy.. Blacky got her new pretty sporty shoes.. me.. got flowee shopee.. Erk! Alamak! Forget to take picture Blacky Myvi with her new pretty sporty shoes.. later lah.. Till then.. bubai..